Our Directors

Alpha Lalugba Kaisamba-Kanneh

I am a native of Kenema District, Sierra Leone and lived half of my childhood with my grandmother prior to joining my parents and family in the US at the age of 12. I hold an Associate's Degree in Electronics Technology from Lincoln University of Missouri and a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology from Southern University of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I received Project Management training from the American Management Association (AMA) and training in Demand Flow Technology from the John Constanza Institute. I am a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Building on my formal education, I have been fortunate to grow with the corporate experience I acquired while working as a Test Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, and later Management at Philips Respironics. In the management capacity at Respironics, I was opportune to have been a participating member of the Supply Chain Management "OpsX" (Operations Excellence) group which handled all the facets involving logistics, reverse logistics, service, customer relationship management, manufacturing, inventory, and the administrative support functions that support those departments within the various divisions/locations in North America and internationally and outsourced to other manufacturers for the company. This additional training and insight into the workings of the global supply chain management scheme at the highest of corporate levels and the stores management training I acquired at the US Navy Reserves while in college has been instrumental in my career and work with Alpha Foundation.

I organized the Alpha Foundation during the Sierra Leone civil war to increase the impact of help going to the country. Personally, I was remitting $250 per month to my grandmother during the war to support her and within 2 weeks, she would call for more money. Where did the money go? She would buy rice and distribute it to her siblings and others in the community who were less fortunate. Indirectly, I was supporting others and saw the need to establish an organization that would effectively do that work and impact more people. The organization was formed and named after my late grandfather Paramount Chief Alpha Lalugba Kai-Samba, i.e., The Alpha Foundation. see "In Honor Of" and read Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper article

Pa Ensa J. Nallo

Pa Ensa J. Nallo is a retired banking and finance professional. He started his career at Barclays bank in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is the son of a Paramount Chief and hail from the "Nallo Ruling House" of Sumbuya, Lugbu Chiefdom, Bo District Sierra Leone.

Pa Nallo brings with him fiscal and administrative management experience, in dept understanding of the inner workings of National and Local Governments, Native Administrations (Tribal Authority) of rural Sierra Leone to the Alpha Foundation. He is the Director of Alpha Foundation of Sierra Leone and along with Mr. Alhadi A. Cole, PC (Paramount Chief) Jaiah KaiKai, PC Amara Sama IV, PC James Coker-Jajua, Alhaji Gassimu Kai-Samba, serve as advisers to Alpha Kaisamba-Kanneh.

Alpha L. Kaisamba-Kanneh and Pa Ensa J. Nallo
Alpha and Pa Nallo
"Alpha and Pa Nallo at Pa Nallo's 70th Birthday Party in 2009, Freetown Sierra Leone
Alpha and Pa Nallo 2009
"Alpha and Dr. Conteh, former Director General of Medical Services, Sierra Leone
Alpha and Dr. Conteh
"Alpha and Dr. S.O. Koroma, Chief Pathologist for Sierra Leone
Alpha and Dr. S.O. Koroma
"Alpha and Late Hon. Mohamed Daramy, Minister of Development and Economic Planning (MoDEP)
Alpha and Hon Daramy
"Alpha and Paramount Chief Jaiah KaiKai
Alpha and PC KaiKai
Alpha, Dr. Palmer, Dr. Kojo Carew of Netland and Corney Barnes Hospital
Alpha, Dr Palmer, Dr Carew
Alpha and Hon. Septimus KaiKai, former Minister of Information and Broadcasting
Aberdeen Amputee Camp picture3
Alpha and Late Mr. Lawrence Meyers, General Manager of Government Gold and Diamond Office (GGDO)
Alpha and Mr. Meyers