Keep Out The System (K.O.T.S.)

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Alpha Foundation Worldwide (AFW) recognizes the effect mass-incarceration in the United States is having on families and communities. We aim to disrupt and discredit the statistics used to support the basis of the recidivism doctrine. Granted, for some people, crime is a way of life but those caught up in bad situations, or trying to change, we want to help.

Alpha Foundation Worldwide will help find resources to aid convicted felons integrate and become productive members of the community. We will work with businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies to help clients:

• Obtain a GED diploma

• Skills training in the construction industry

• Basic computer training

• Internet training

• Driver's education

• Preparing Resumes and completing job applications

• Job interview skills

• Anger management classes

• Volunteering with non-profits for community service obligations

• Credit rebuilding

• Managing finances - the fundamentals

• Study for college entry examination tests